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The February 2015 Advocacy Round of 25 in Change just finished! We’re super proud of each advocate who fasted for 25 days only eating a cup of rice and beans 3 times a day fighting to end global hunger and obesity. In just 25 days they produced 51,300 school meals through the World Food Program!

It doesn’t end there though – we still need your support. The two best ways to continue to raise awareness and end world hunger and obesity is by becoming a 25 in Change monthly partner, or becoming a 25 Farms customer. Monthly partners help make it possible so we can keep doing advocacy rounds of 25 in Change. 25 Farms customers receive fresh, local, organic produce and food delivered to their door every other week.

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“This type of advocacy, is not just throwing money at a solution—because as we’ve seen that just doesn’t work. This is something that asks for real change. Real change on either side of the spectrum. It’s a way of saying that we need to look at part A and part B in order to find a solution to the equation.” Caitlyn Moses

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“I got involved with this, because I was sick and tired of always expecting other people to be the change I wanted to see in the world. When the opportunity presented itself to be involved, I was grateful to accept it and be a part of it. I’m really happy I did it, because it has changed the way I eat, think, and live.” Ben Klecker

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“I feel like I connected with people in a different part of the world that I never thought I would connect with until I was in Africa. It was really cool to be in Denver experiencing that type of empathy. It was really powerful, and I know from my Partners telling me, it was powerful for them too. 25 in Change allows an ordinary person to make a small commitment for a limited period of time, to do something really huge and that’s very powerful.” Elaine Epperson

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What Makes 25 in Change

25 in Change is made up of Advocates and Partners who stand up for those marginalized by our broken global food system.


Advocates align themselves with those who struggle in the world because of poor daily food choices.  We can make a simple change, so that others can simply eat.


Partners of Advocates support Advocates in their efforts through giving up fast food for 25 days, and instead giving 100 school meals to hungry children.

When was the last time you saw Jesus with the forgotten?

In Matthew 25, Jesus shares a parable about empathizing with those who have been forgotten and says  “Whatever you do for the forgotten and oppressed, you do for me. Whatever you don’t do for them, you don’t do for me.”

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