Who are Partners?

Partners are the friends, families, co-workers, churches, and communities that come alongside Advocates and support them in their efforts to change how we all eat, think, and live.  Each Partner sponsors one Advocate for $25 to provide 100 school meals for hungry children, and commits to give up fast food for 25 days in order to start healthier eating habits.

100% of this financial contribution goes to providing school meals through the UN World Food Program. Together, advocates and their partners can provide approximately thousands of school meals in the course of just 25 days, and thousands of fast food free days shared between all of the partners.

We don’t ask our Partners to give up fast food for no reason. It’s easy to see that fast food is one of the leading causes of obesity in America.  Just Googling “Fast food obesity” has over 19 million results.

As an organization we intentionally do not point the finger at specific fast food companies because we believe fast food is like bad music: you know it when you hear it, and you do not need us to start naming all of the bad bands in the world in order to start listening to good music.  We believe you can be honest enough with yourself for 25 days to give up fast food and instead eat great food. Not only can such a decision change your community’s food economy, it change the global food system by altering how we use grain, water, farmable land, livestock, and natural resources for food transportation.

If you want to see what the future of food looks like, and how amazing food in your neighborhood can be, check out our for-profit subsidiary at www.25farms.com.  25 Farms makes it possible for 100% of your $25 contribution to 25 in Change to be used solely for school meals for hungry children.

Are you called to be a Partner?

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