Who are Advocates?

Advocates are groups of people who commit for 25 days to advocate for an end to global malnutrition by changing their regular diet to a 16oz cup of rice and beans per meal. This type of nutritious meal is offered by the World Food Programme to millions of hungry children around the world as their daily school meal, but there are millions of hungry children who are not fortunate enough to receive regular meals at school or at home.  For millions of children the only meal they receive each day will be at school, but there are millions of children who can not even go to school, because the schools do not have enough meals to feed them.

In order to provide these types of school meals to hungry children, each Advocate makes the life-changing decision for children, Advocates, and their Partners, to only eat a meal of rice and beans when someone commits to both give up fast food for 25 days and contribute $25 to provide 100 school meals to hungry children through the World Food Programme.

This decision radically changes the lives of hungry children, Advocates, and their Partners: Together, a group of Advocates can coordinate their Partners to provide almost thousands of school meals for hungry children and positively change the health of their own communities by asking their Partners to  give up fast food and start healthy eating habits. Along the way, Advocates and Partners improve their ability to empathize with others by both imagining themselves in the context of someone else who is struggling, and changing the structure of our global community with that abstract imagination. In addition to advocating for hungry children, Advocates and their Partners have the opportunity to come together each week as a community to learn more about the food in their lives and the types of relationships around it.

 25 in Change is a unique type of advocacy and partnership between people that is built around genuine communities who advocate for one another.  Each week, Advocates and Partners will get the opportunity to openly share their experience during this journey.  We invite anyone who is interested in being involved as an Advocate or as one of their Partners to our weekly Check-ins at churches hosting Advocates.  To find out more, feel free to contact us at advocate@25inchange.org.    

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