Let us not forget

In our world right now there are over three billion people either overweight or chronically hungry.  This mean that 1 out of 2 people in the world suffer from illnesses caused by malnutrition.

Both overweight and hungry people are incapable of living healthy full lives, whether it’s from obesity-related diseases, like diabetes or heart disease, or from starvation or malnourishment.  Each year, obesity and hunger kill more people than war, malaria, tuberculosis, AIDS, murder, and natural disasters combined.

Over the last 50 years the world has experienced the impact of the “Green Revolution” through high-yield grains and irrigation systems, which are producing more food than the world’s population can eat.  Though enough food is grown to feed everyone on the planet, these nutritious resources are being misused and distributed irresponsibly, thus creating a food crisis—one billion people lack access to life-giving food, while over two billion people are overwhelmed by unhealthy food choices.

The structure of the food distribution system has become the greatest cause of worldwide hunger and obesity because of its inability to provide healthy food to people worldwide.  Additionally, developed nations often have an abundance of food: Each year Americans throw out enough food to feed the continent of Africa.

We believe that communities coming together for 25 days can end global hunger and obesity.