Vision: Equip and empower communities to advocate for people marginalized by our broken food system in order to end malnutrition.

25 in Change is a community driven organization that gives people the chance to change the world in a new and participatory way. We empower local communities to address the suffering caused by malnutrition that is faced by billions of people around the world, the “overlooked and ignored.” At this moment, three billion people struggle and suffer from some form of malnutrition: one billion people with chronic hunger, another billion with nutrient-deprivation, and another billion who are overweight and obese.

We are made up of Advocates and Partners. We believe that these two groups of people can change the global food system.

Who are Advocates?

Advocates make up a group of 25 people through a local church who commit to advocate for hungry children in order to end global malnutrition by changing their regular diet to a 12oz cup of rice and beans at each meal for 25 days. This complete protein meal is offered by the UN World Food Programme to millions of hungry children around the world as their daily school meal, but there are tens of millions of hungry children who are not fortunate enough to receive regular meals at school or at home.

In order to provide this sort of school meal, each Advocate makes the life-changingdecision to eat a meal only when someone commits to 1) giving up fast food for 25days and 2) contributing $25, which provides 100 school meals through the World FoodProgramme.

This decision radically changes the lives of the children, the Advocates, and theirPartners. Together, a group of 25 Advocates coordinates 1875 Partners to provide the Advocates’ meals in addition to almost 200,000 school meals for hungry children,while at the same time positively changing the health of their own communities by implementing healthy eating habits.

In addition to advocating for hungry children, Advocates meet regularly in order to encourage one another and actively answer the call given by Jesus in Matthew 25.

Are you called to be an Advocate?

Who are Partners?

The success of each group of Advocates depends on the changed lives of their Partners.Partners are people from the Advocates’ church, family and friends of the Advocates,friends of friends, and people from the community. Advocates stand in the gap between their Partners and those who suffer from malnutrition, and Advocates are only as effective as the many people who make commitments to partner with them.

Each Partner commits via the website,, to contribute $25 and to live without fast food for 25 days.

The average American spends about $1 per day on fast food. Partners commit to giving up fast food for 25 days as part of changing a food system that causes 3 billion people to suffer from some form of malnutrition. Global malnutrition in the forms of hunger, obesity, and nutrient deficiency kills more people each year than war, murder,tuberculosis, AIDS, and malaria combined. Currently, over 1 billion people suffer from the malnutrition that results in being overweight or obese.

Along with this commitment to live healthy, Partners also contribute $25 to provide 100school meals for children who would go hungry without them. 100% of this financial contribution goes to the UN World Food Programme School Meals Program. Together,Advocates and their Partners can provide approximately 190,000 school meals in the course of just 25 days, and 46,000 fast food free days shared among all of the Partners.

Are you called to be a Partner?