A World Revolution

If ever there was a generation equipped for a revolution, it is ours.


Young adults today are the largest and most well-educated, technologically equipped, globally connected, and justice-oriented generation in the history of the world.  This global generation has experienced a greater cultural and technological leap than any generation before it. Through these revolutionary leaps political revolutions are popping up around the world through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. In a world that has been technologically connected through the Internet, we must now become empathetically connected through advocacy.

25inChange prevents callous indifference to suffering through transforming global awareness of suffering into revolutionary advocacy.   In this radical revolution advocates make the needs of those who suffer their own and represent those needs to the rest of the world.

Through advocacy we change the growing health epidemic faced by those who are hungry and obese.  By being the change which future generations need, a revolution of the global food system is possible.  Changes to the way we eat, think, and live revolutionize the structure of our global food systems to meet the nutritional needs of all people: We refuse to accept a world in which everyone does not have access to healthy food.

Active empathy can revolutionize the world.