Amy Schiebel: Up Close and Real.

Amy Schiebel: Up Close and Real.

I have to admit also that it wasn’t until this past week, and technically the past couple of days, that this is all really starting to set in.

Like Jenny’s blog the other day about seeing the homeless people… that one really hit me yesterday.  I was out with friends at Gov’s Park Tavern for a bike ride.  As I rode in to the bar, there were two homeless men tucked up under the over hang of the building across the street.  That is when it hit me that it’s not just about me.  It’s not just about the children, or one country or another.  It’s about everyone, every where.  I walked into the bar and order a water and a pitcher of water, then perused the menu for a healthy simple meal that I could take across the street to those men.  I ordered them a side salad and some chili and walked it over.

My friends that were with me, at first they didn’t believe I was going to even do it.  But as I climbed over the railing with the food in hand saying “I’ll be back in a bit”, their faces went from disbelieving to kind of shock and amazement.

I sat with those men for about 5-10 minutes asking them about their lives on the street, telling them about 25 In Change, and telling them about Pathways.  The one gentleman, Davy Boy, was a real charmer.  He asked me if I was a Christian woman and I never felt so proud to say yes!  He then proceeded to ask me to marry him, but that is besides the point.  🙂  We talked for a bit and I asked him how long he had been on the streets and he replied with “more years than I can count.”  That about made me cry.

I went back to my friends and sat at the table telling them why I had done what I just did and how 25 In Change is changing me too.  We all chatted for a while while they ate and drank and I sipped on my water.  One friend had ordered fish tacos and was only in the mood for the fish and left the rest on her plate.  The tortillas, beans, lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese.  I looked at her and asked, “are you not going to finish that?”  She said no, so I then asked “may I have it so that I can take it over to those men?  I would hate to see that much food go to waste when there are people LITERALLY across the street that are going hungry?”  She said yes and we packed it up and I walked it back over to Davy Boy.

His buddy was awake this time and so I got to meet Popeye.  An adorable man missing most of his teeth.  But his smile, when I brought more food, was the most beautiful smile I had seen in a long time.  I gave them the leftovers and explained that they were leftovers, but wanted to share them with them.  Again, both gentlemen were lit up with joy and so appreciative.  They shook my hand, kissed my hand and asked if they could kiss my check.  I couldn’t say no.  🙂

Walking back to the table one last time I had this feeling come over me that this is what it is all about.  This is why I am doing 25 In Change.  And as I am writing this, the email about Sundays upcoming lesson comes into my email box:  “CANON BALL!! Making a Big Splash in Your Life: Most people don’t want to just make a small splash with their life – they want to soak their friends, family, other kids and families they don’t know, and the lifeguard.  It’s called making a big splash, ripples that matter.  And God made you to make a difference.  To not just mark time, but to mark lives.”  I could not have said it better and am super excited about Sunday’s lesson!!

Chris White, who is in my small group of advocates, texted me this week, and shared a few things with me, “Ask God what He has for you in the midst of this struggle.  What is He calling you into?  Where does He want to meet you?”  Those words were perfect and I thanked him for his encouragement.  I am praying that God leads me through this experience to where He really needs me, as I am already starting to feel some of those tugs.

To all advocates, thank you all for being a part of this with me.  I am glad to be a part of it with you, too.  Praying for all of you in the next 6 days and days to come.