Join the Movement

Advocates represent the needs of suffering people to those of us who can take action.

Advocates also bring to our attention the growing health epidemic of hunger and obesity and model a world-wide radical change that we can understand and support.

All people who partner with these advocates by contributing $25 toward school meals for children have taken a major step toward ending chronic world hunger, but that’s only half the battle.

Each year Americans spend over $110 billion on fast food, which averages to each person spending around $1 per day. Over the course of 25 days, the average American spends $25 on unhealthy fast food.  We encourage each partner who contributes $25 to take the next step and give up fast food for 25 days and instead eat nutritious food.

Changing the way we eat is essential to change the way we think and live. By choosing to give up fast food for 25 days, partners commit to eat nutritious food, which will change what the global food system produces.

With your help, each group of 25inChange will provide more than 187,000 school meals to hungry children and also provide around 2,000 partners with the opportunity for healthier lives through changing their diet.

This is the generation whose food choices change the course of history.  Which side of history will you choose?

If you think your organization or church is ready for 25inChange, we want to support you in your advocacy.  You can contact us at here.

Two billion people are counting on you to change the course of history.

The goal of 25inChange is to give everyone an opportunity to join a world revolution that provides nutritious food to billions of needy people.

So whether you are an advocate, a partner, an aid agency, part of the global food system, or someone who just heard about this: We need you.

Be a voice for the voiceless.  Join the conversation on our Community and Share your change, and revolutionize the world.

Join the revolution!  Together we can change our world.