Thank You to our Partners

Thank You to our Partners

Dear Partner of 25 in Change,


Thank you for being an essential part of a revolution fighting hunger and obesity in the world.  Through your selfless contributions, we surpassed our goal of providing 187,500 school meals to hungry children through the UN World Food Programme.  Thanks to you, thousands of children will now receive meals for an entire year!

For 25 days, advocates emailed and approached me about how grateful they were for the partners who had believed in their ability to be advocates.  As one of the advocates from this group, I can tell from my own experience that a deep sense of gratitude exists for each person who joined us in this fight to make sure that we, and thousands of children, didn’t go hungry.

This letter has been sent to you by an advocate whom you’ve sponsored.   We believe the people most capable of telling you about 25inChange are the ones you first supported who have been changed forever by it.  All advocates have since changed their diets to be more healthy and sustainable, and, in a recent survey of advocates, they rated their experience of 25 in Change as one of the most impactful events of their lifetime.

The advocates have sacrificed the most to make 25 in Change a success, and so they are most capable of ensuring that our organization remains completely transparent and accountable.  Because of their strengths of character, we are comfortable putting our trust in them as they represent our organization’s needs to you.  Like you, we believe in the people you supported and their ability to advocate for others.   If advocates do not direct their partners to this letter on our webpage, we receive no funding.  All advocates who share this letter with you have agreed to be a partner with us for the next year as they commit to a healthy lifestyle and toward giving $25 per month to fund our ongoing efforts to change the way we eat, think, and live.

So what’s next for 25inChange?  Already, 10 churches across the United States have asked us to help coordinate advocates at their church.  These 10 churches alone are capable of providing around two million school meals for hungry children and training 250 lifelong advocates to fight chronic hunger and obesity.  While we are extremely excited about these 10 churches, our goal is to reach over 1,400 churches and organizations capable of supporting their own groups of 25 advocates. With 14,000 children dying of hunger every day, over the next five years we want to coordinate the church in America to end global childhood hunger.

In order to accomplish this goal, we are asking all partners to join us in a one-year commitment to work toward living a healthy lifestyle, and to commit $25 per month to continue the fight against chronic hunger and obesity.  While many of you have expressed an interest in financially giving more than $25 per month, we set this limit for our partners to demonstrate to you your value as a person more than as a donor.  We believe your personal health and diet are the greatest contributions you can make to revolutionize the global food system.  Over the next year, all of our partners will receive educational resources, World Food Programme updates, access to partners-only events, and our official 25 in Change cookbook with over 25 healthy and delicious recipes to equip you to live a healthier and a happier life.  If you wish to help us revolutionize the way the world eats, thinks, and lives, please click on this link to join us.  Together, we can become the change of a world revolution.



Andre Roux

Executive Director, 25 in Change