The Value of Being Friends with Farmers: Evan’s Day 24

The Value of Being Friends with Farmers: Evan’s Day 24
Edible gardens evoke multiple memories for me, ranging from distant childhood recollections of our family’s garden in the backyard behind the garage, to more recent ones of holidays with my in-laws. My parents-in-law have grown a garden for decades, and when I visit I often get to enjoy fresh produce: green peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, beans, and squash.
When I lived in New York City, my wife and I would often spend Saturday mornings walking to our neighborhood farmers market in Sunnyside, Queens. We grew to enjoy the delicious variety of local foods: crisp apples from upstate New York, juicy peaches, and farm-fresh tomatoes.In addition to enjoying the diversity and quality of the food at the farmers market, we also appreciated knowing where each item came from and directly interacting with those folks involved in transporting our food. So when we moved to a suburb of Denver in 2013, we wondered if we would be limited in our food choices to what was available at our local supermarket.While we are currently within easy biking distance (and even easier driving distance) to several grocery stores and organic food stores, not everyone in the Denver metro area is as fortunate to have access to affordable and nutritious food.

Many neighborhoods in Denver can be classified as “food deserts,” areas where grocery stores are virtually nonexistent and fresh fruits and vegetables are extremely rare. Go here for a map of Denver food deserts. These food deserts not only affect the people living in the area–they also have an impact on our public health (for more information, go here to read the University of Denver’s extensive paper on this subject.

When we first learned about 25 Farms,  we were excited to hear that they grow all of their produce in neighborhoods around Denver and soon made a commitment to supporting fresh, locally-grown, affordable food. We signed up as customers for home delivery, and every two weeks, $25 buys us a box full of tasty, seasonal produce: kale, Swiss chard, butter lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.

As my 25 days as an advocate draws to a close, I’m attempting to stay grounded in the present and stay mindful of what I’m eating, who I’m attempting to help, and what role food plays in my life. However, my imagination is gearing up as I anticipate what I’ll eat on day 26. One of the first things I’m looking forward to eating after this steady diet of rice and beans is food from 25 Farms.

As this round of advocacy wraps up, remember that your partnership can continue. All net profits from 25 Farms enable 25 in Change to feed hungry students. For more information, or to sign up today, go to


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