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Henri Nouwen writes: “How does the Church witness to Christ in the world? First and foremost by giving visibility to Jesus’ love for the poor and the weak. In a world so hungry for healing, forgiveness, reconciliation, and most of all unconditional love, the Church must alleviate that hunger through its ministry. Wherever we feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the lonely, listen to those who are rejected, and bring unity and peace to those who are divided, we proclaim the living Christ, whether we speak about him or not.

“25 in Change” is not a momentary remedy for hunger. It’s a revolution … and it’s set in motion by one unified voice that dares to make the interests of those oppressed more important than their own. Just a mere 25 days of empathy and Christ-emulating love creates lasting impacts for alleviating global malnutrition in a sustainable way.


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