Andre Roux

[singlepic id=33 w=320 h=240 mode=web20 float=left] With billions of people suffering from malnutrition, ignoring their pain is much harder than preventing it. Being involved in 25 in Change just makes more sense than watching it from the sidelines.  Though this is a new experience for all of us, I’m excited to be in such an awesome group of advocates!  If you want to see pictures of what I’m going to be eating for the next 25 days, I’m going to tweet what I eat here.


  1. Sorry, my bad! There are nine ESSENTIAL amino acids, and 21 amino acids total. Here is a breakdown of the amino acids contained in 12g of protein from chicken breasts vs. rice & black beans. (Not sure of what kind of rice.) The first # is chicken, the second # is rice & beans.

    Protein 12 12
    Tryptophan 151.2 147.9
    Threonine 546 498
    Isoleucine 682 534
    Leucine 970 985.5
    Lysine 1098 742.65
    Methionine 358 207.45
    Cystine 165.8 136.95
    Phenylalanine 514 652.5
    Tyrosine 436 373.05
    Valine 642 658.5
    Arginine 780 799.5
    Histidine 402 331.8
    Alanine 706 562.5
    Aspartic acid 1152 1393.5
    Glutamic acid 1936 2025
    Glycine 636 508.5
    Proline 532 533.25
    Serine 444 657

  2. André, I have now donated my second $25; so is today also my second day that I only have rice and beans. I am doing this because I want to experience what it must be like to be hungry and oh my word, it is dreadful!! I know now!!!! I still have hope for tomorrow because my fridge is full but those poor children in Africa has not fridge and therefore no hope!! As I dished up for me today, one bean fell on the table and I tell you now, I picked it up carefully and ate it because it IS now precious to me! I also eat much slower because I do not want the meal to end. I have only water from early morning and then by 11h30 I have half my portion and by 17h30 I have the other half. While I eat, I pray that the Lord will take care of those underpriviledge children and that he Holy Spirit will work in hearts who read what 25InChange is all about. Last but not least, rice and beans are healthy stuff and I challenge all of you guys to donate a mere $25 and even experience a little less food for a day or two? It won’t kill!