Ben Klecker

[singlepic id=23 w=320 h=240 mode=web20 float=left] I am involved in 25 in Change because throughout my life I have expected others to be the change that I have wanted to see in the world. However, today, I accept my responsibility as a human being to be of service to those who need it most, and to make radical changes to my own life in order to do so. I am simply a grain of sand, ready and willing to do my part to help beautify the beach we call life, and I will be strong in my commitments because I am weak before God. Time to get radical!


  1. You guys are amazing! Stoke to support this! Good luck to Benny and all the group!

  2. Benjamin – It is no surprise to me that you are doing this. You always seem to take on the most interesting and most challenging tasks. Congrats to you and the group. Keep up the good work…