Jenn Grooms

[singlepic id=30 w=320 h=240 mode=web20 float=left] I am involved in 25 in Change because I have worked and studied in health care field for over 6 years.  I have first-hand seen the rise in diabetes and obesity in children. Working at the hospital one day I had a parent verbally yell at me for putting her 200lb 10 year old on the ‘healthy choice’ diet. Our bodies were not really made for chemicals and processed foods.  Join me in saying NO to fast food, and processed items for a mere 25 days.  25 days to create awareness that we need to treat our bodies better, and learn how blessed we are to never go to sleep wondering if we will get food the next day.  Let’s feed the kids that DO need it, and starting getting healthy!!!  I dare you.  My Twitter rocks! Follow me here.


  1. Hey Jennifer Grooms,

    I don’t see a link to pay with a credit card. Only with a Paypal account. Can you help?

    • Hi Federico –

      Once on the PayPal page below the login information you will see a link that says “Dont have paypal, pay with a Credit Card here”. Click on that and you should be set.