Karol Bowers

[singlepic id=31 w=320 h=240 mode=web20 float=left]  I feel called to be a part of 25 in Change because in recent years I’ve learned that the world is not about me!  Food and self image have also been a negative crutch for me, and I pray God will use this journey to teach me that I only need to depend on him!  This opportunity is about doing something good for someone else!  God calls us to help those who cannot help themselves, and He equips us with compassion in our hearts so that we desire to help others! I’m learning how to use Twitter, come join me here in my journey!


  1. I am inspired by all the advocates, what a difference they, we, all of us can make. I am joyfully a sponser. I asked Karol if I were to only contribute 15.00 would that mean she would only eat beans? Her reply “NO, you need to contribute the whole 25” Ha…….25 it is!

  2. Karol, it has been such a pleasure to serve with you on Sundays and super jazzed to support your participation in 25inChange. Katie and I are rooting for you and thanks for being such an impact for this great cause! Cheers, Stewart

  3. Good luck Karol!

  4. Karol, Thank you for asking for my support. I am honored to support you in your efforts to help those who are helpless. I pray that through you and 25 in Change HE gets all the glory.